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Business Collaborations

Whether it's for corporate presents or daily munchies, you'll be eager to present Nutti specialties.

Our business sales unit is equipped to provide:

  • Tailored gifts for clients, patrons, and team members

  • Daily gourmet delights for customers, clients, and staff

  • Unique confections for hospitality sectors and special occasions

  • Distinctive presents for matrimonial events, festivities, and seasonal celebrations.

Exclusively Designed for Your Needs The annual Mid-Autumn Festival serves as a reminder of the deep-rooted bonds that thrive in the corporate landscape. Melding cherished traditions with contemporary twists, we offer an expansive range of products to enhance and rejuvenate relations with clients and associates.


With a focus on catering to diverse preferences in both flavor and aesthetics, Nutti is devoted to incorporating only the finest ingredients, ensuring every morsel epitomizes excellence.

Nutti Mid Autumn Fest.png


To receive free samples and our pricing!

The design of our packaging is given as much consideration as the delicacies within. Ranging from intricate multi-layered cases to luminous lantern-themed boxes and eco-friendly designs, our customized packaging solutions are boundless.

Don’t miss out on the chance to entice your clientele with Nutti’s premium quality snacks - sign up today and receive free samples to witness the exceptional flavors and textures that await your business venture.

For further details or questions, reach out to our business services team at HELLO@NUTTI.ONE

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