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Experience the rich, delightful crunch of Nutti's Almond Crisps. Perfectly roasted almonds deliver a satisfying snack that's both healthful and flavorful.


嚟試下 NUTTI 嘅千層杏仁脆片嘅香濃同惹味嘅口感啦。啲杏仁烘焗得啱啱好,令到每一啖都係滿足感爆棚,健康又好味!

Almond Crisps 千層杏仁脆片

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Unearth the harmonious blend of the earthy richness of almonds and their crisp texture. Nutti's Almond Crisps are a testament to the passion and skill of Taiwanese artisanship.

    Key Features:

    • Almond Excellence: Handpicked almonds guarantee a nutty depth in every bite.
    • Healthy Indulgence: Infused with the nutritious benefits of almonds for a wholesome snack experience.
    • Versatile Snacking: Perfect for a quick energy boost, paired with a hot beverage, or as a delightful evening nibble.
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