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產品內容 Product Description:


  • Peanut Crisps 花生脆糖  (5件/pcs)
  • Peanut & Sesame Crisps 芝麻花生脆糖  (5件/pcs)
  • Black Sesame Crisps 黑芝麻酥  (5件/pcs)


🌕 在這個中秋,讓Nutti的 '花生芝麻綜合禮盒' 與獨特的設計提升您的贈禮體驗,花生脆糖、芝麻花生脆糖以及黑芝麻酥完美融合,帶來和諧的脆爽口感。 🎁 分享秋天的溫馨,以Nutti的限量版禮盒脫穎而出。每一口都品味到秋天的魅力!


Elevate your gifting this Mid-Autumn with Nutti's 'Mid-Autumn Nut Trio Combo' with a bespoke touch as peanut crisps, peanut & sesame crisps, and black sesame crisps unite in a harmonious crunch combo. 🎁 Share the warmth of autumn and stand out with Nutti's limited-edition offering. Taste the charm of fall in every bite!

Mid-Autumn Nut Trio Combo 花生芝麻綜合禮盒

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