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Indulge in the earthy, classic flavor of peanuts with Nutti's Peanut Crisps. Each crisp delivers a satisfying crunch and a hearty peanut flavor that you'll love. 


沉醉喺 NUTTI 嘅花生脆糖嘅地道經典花生味啦。每一片都係爽脆過癮,滿載嘅花生香,你一定會愛上佢!

Peanut Crisps 花生脆糖

  • Discover the timeless elegance of Nutti's Classic Peanut Crunch. Meticulously curated peanuts, roasted to perfection, provide a smooth and delightful bite, reminiscent of traditional Taiwanese treats.

    Key Features:

    • Peanut Perfection: Freshly sourced, these peanuts bring out the authenticity of Taiwan's flavors.
    • Satisfying Crunch: Each piece ensures a delightful crispy sensation.
    • Perfect Companion: Pairs beautifully with a cup of oolong tea, coffee or your favorite evening refreshments.
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