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Nutti's Sesame Crisps are light, nutty, and subtly sweet. Enjoy the unique flavor of toasted sesame seeds in a snack that's satisfyingly crunchy. 


NUTTI 嘅黑芝麻酥係輕盈、帶堅果味同微微甜,啖啖都係芝麻香。嚟一試烘烤過嘅芝麻籽嘅獨特風味,食落口係爽脆得意!

Sesame Crisps 黑芝麻酥

  • Experience the intense richness of black sesame in Nutti's signature blend. A mesmerizing dance of flavors that embodies Taiwan's culinary finesse.

    Key Features:

    • Authentic Taste: Made with premium black sesame seeds to offer a genuine, robust flavor.
    • Texture Galore: A delightful blend of creamy and crispy textures.
    • Health and Taste: Black sesame is not just flavorful, but also packed with nutrients.
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